Radio as an expanded public space

workshop and performance with Elina Varouxaki and Eleftherios Krysalis
technical set up by Eleftherios Krysalis, Weimar, July 2019

performance, Ilhm Park, Weimar , 2019

Radio as an expanded public Space is a collective, interdisciplinary workshop that playfully explores the boundaries between art, public space and radio. The aim of the workshop is to realize a performance and to bring it live on air on July 28, 15:30 with the Medien- Karre (a mobile radio studio). The core idea moves around the concept of movement. The concept of movement is broadly defined. 

Final Works: 


A commemoration to the uprooted on separation, loss and demise. An audio performative narration through a farewell by Eleftherios Krysalis, Eleftheria Panousi and Elina Varouxaki 

A new home… 

Using Mahmoud Darwish’s lines from “Eulogy of High Shadow” by Moawya Al Khadra 

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