The Resurrection of Greek Art*

soundpiece, duration: 05:09
text and sound: Eleftherios Krysalis, Kassiani Goulakou
voice: Marios Pavlou
Broadcasted on CircuitsOnAir 15.04.17, at 00:00(gmt+2)
Presented as a sound installation at Performance-Festival mit Studierenden der Akademie, Roundabout, Munich, April 2017

* According to the Eastern Orthodox Church tradition a couple of minutes after the Ressurection of Christ, the priest of each church reads a speech written by St. Ioannis the Chrysostom on 4th century. We took this speech and we transformed it into this soundpiece.

About text:

Greek Art

poster, translation from Greek: The Ressurection of bilingual poster/about

Athens is under festival rhythms. Wherever you go you will meet somebody performing, talking about political art. Every day is accompanied by an event. The Olympic games of art are taking place here. The ones that do not participate, create their very own events. According to the greek old saying, wherever there is a wedding party and joy, Vasilo is the first to join.

So CircuitsOnAir couldn’t lose such an opportunity for show off.
We are announcing our entrance into the big festival with the soundpiece The Resurrection of Greek Art

Always in close relation to reality, as only Art has succeeded in the past years.
We all now take our thermal blankets, a pair of big headphones, a subscription for many mb and we chill out at the squares of Athens listening to CircuitsOnAir, hoping for a commemorative photo with the mayor of the city of arts, the capital of the South.

The spring has brought creativity with her.

Voice translation from Greek:

Whoever is ambitious and an art lover, shall enjoy this beautiful and brilliant exhibition.
Any artist who has good intentions shall enter in this happiness, full of the jubilant that is offered by the resurrection of the Greek art.
Whoever has suffered under the crisis, shall now enjoy his reward.
Whoever has served Art after the fourteenth, shall today take the reward he is entitled to.
Whoever has entered in the life of Documenta after the ninth, shall also willingly participate in this under construction celebration.
Whoever has come after the twelfth, shall have no doubts as he is not going to get punished.
Whoever was late and came after the thirteenth, shall approach the institution without any hesitation or fear.
Whoever has come during the fifth, should have no fear, in the thought that because he was late the institution will not accept him. The curator richly gives his offerings. He accepts the last to come, with the same willingness that he accept- ed the first. He offers space and funding to the one that came late, as he exactly does with the first. He gives mercy to the one that came last, but he also takes care of the one who came first. He gives to the one and he offers to the other. He accepts the artworks, but he also gives recognition to the simple invigilator.
He gives gratitude to the Greek nationality but also applauses the Greek institutions.
You shall all enter now in the happiness of your Kunstverein. And the ones that reached first and the ones who came second receive your confirmation now. Students and Artists celebrate. Indigenous and Civilians. People of the South and people of the North celebrate.
Those who had desist, and the ones that were lagging behind in the work of the commands give gratitude to this day. The ones that had exhibited, and the ones that you didn’t exhibit rejoice today. Documenta is full, you shall all enjoy it. The funding is plenty and limitless.
Nobody is allowed to leave. You shall all enjoy this symposium which is taking place for the loyal art lovers. You shall all enjoy the sublime works of art that are offered by the aunt from Kassel. Nobody shall now grieve for his poverty, because now the dominance of the Institution is apparent, the one that is offered to everybody of this circle.
Nobody shall cry for his abstention, because the crisis of our country has gave us the freedom from the regional encap- sulation and artistic obscurity.
Our Institution that came from the South grabbed and pulled with him all of them that the South was holding. The Institu- tion embittered the South, when him the greedy one defied him. And this was what the Prophet Curator predicted back in the day and shouted aloud: My Institution, when the South found you up there in the darkness, he was embittered. And he rightfully got embittered, because since then he got enslaved.
He got embittered because he was deceived.
He got embittered because he was taken over from the West.
He got embittered because he lost his autonomy. He got embittered because he himself got enslaved. He, as he was assuming, received a Balkan corpus and found himself surprisingly in front of the Institution. He received soil from the earth and met the Institution who came from the North. He took a Balkan corpus and felt shy from the Exotic.
And after all where is your victory North?
The Greek Art is resurrected and you had been entirely defeated.
The Greek Art is resurrected and the opponents have been demolished on the abysses of obscurity.
The Greek Art is resurrected and the Indigenous are enjoying it.
The Greek Art is resurrected and Art reigns allover.
The Greet Art is resurrected and there is going to be nobody that is unemployed in the circle. Because with the resur- rection of Greek Art there is the beginning of resurrection of anybody who has dried out of saliva. To them belongs the glory and the power in the endless centuries. Amen.

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