Radio as an expanded public space

workshop and performance with Elina Varouxaki and Eleftherios Krysalis
technical set up by Eleftherios Krysalis, Weimar, July 2019

performance, Ilhm Park, Weimar , 2019

Radio as an expanded public Space is a collective, interdisciplinary workshop that playfully explores the boundaries between art, public space and radio. The aim of the workshop is to realize a performance and to bring it live on air on July 28, 15:30 with the Medien- Karre (a mobile radio studio). The core idea moves around the concept of movement. The concept of movement is broadly defined. 

Final Works: 


A commemoration to the uprooted on separation, loss and demise. An audio performative narration through a farewell by Eleftherios Krysalis, Eleftheria Panousi and Elina Varouxaki 

A new home… 

Using Mahmoud Darwish’s lines from “Eulogy of High Shadow” by Moawya Al Khadra 

Funkhaus Heiner Müller – Weimar

Performance – Roberto Paci Dalò und das Digital Bauhaus Ensemble recording, mixing and technical set up, Weimar, July 2019

In this musical premiere, the Italian artist Roberto Paci Dalò and musicians* of the Digital Bauhaus Orchestra come to- gether for a concert of a very special kind. The music will be amplified by the text Landschaft mit Argonauten (Landscape with Argonauts) by the dramatist Heiner Müller, who has also provided important impulses in the radio play.
Concept, direction, music: Roberto Paci Dalò

Text: Landscape with Argonauts by Heiner Müller, courtesy of Henschel Verlag Cooperation Anja Quickert
Dramaturgical collaboration Benedetta Bronzini
Support Laura Ciffolillo, Alessandro Renzi

Production Bauhaus University Weimar, Giardini Pensili
In cooperation with ORF Kunstradio, Usmaradio, Ubulibri, Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino and the International Heiner Müller Society